Things You Need to Know before Starting Playing Keno (part 2)

Types of Keno

There are two types of Keno: live Keno and video Keno, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. It will be more a matter of personal preference depending on what you are looking for from your game.

Live Keno

Live Keno can be played either at a Keno lounge in a land-based casino or through an online casino. When it comes to pace and structure, live Keno betting is more comparable to Bingo. You need to make your own number selections on a Keno card and place your bet.

You can make different bets on the same card. At most casinos, a new round is started every 5-10 minutes. One advantage of live Keno is that is offers large jackpots. The big money jackpot opportunities are commonly found on live Keno games, with the Progressive Jackpots up to $5 million.

This type of Keno can be intimidating for new players with different bets available to be made at a live Keno venue. Many players don’t know how or where to actually place their bets, making many people avoid playing live Keno.

However, in fact, it is much easier to play live Keno than you think.

Keno - Things You Need to Know before Starting Playing Keno (part 2)

Video Keno

Video Keno is much more fast-paced than live Keno and many other casino games. It is much like a slot machine with results determined by a Random Number Generator, instead of by actually drawing numbered balls from a machine.

There are some types of video Keno to choose from. Some have additional bonus games. Four-Card Keno, where you can play four different Keno cards simultaneously, is the perfect option to increase your game pace even further.

Commonly, video Keno has a lower house than live Keno and you usually lose faster when playing video Keno since you are playing a much higher number of hands each hour.