Things You Need to Know before Starting Playing Keno (part 1)

Keno is a very popular lottery-style gambling game. Mostly every casino, both land-based and online, features Keno. Since having originated from the 19th century in China, it has remained a top casino game for a long time.

Benefits of Playing Keno

Although Keno is a game with relatively poor player odds, it can pay a jackpot of up to $5 million on a $2 ticket. You can make big money on Keno with a very small investment. It’s not difficult to see why Keno is so widely popular. It’s also a lottery-style game with payouts structured similarly.

Keno - Things You Need to Know before Starting Playing Keno (part 1)

Another reason Keno has remained so popular is that the game requires no skill to play. It has no difficult rules to learn or special strategies to memorize. It is really a game of luck. Therefore, it is an attractive game for those who don’t want to have to think much and just want to relax and see how their luck unfolds while playing gambling game.

Keno provides a high amount of flexibility in selecting the type of gameplay you want. You can select a lower amount of numbers to increase your wins per round but decrease your jackpots. Or you can choose higher payouts but with a lower chance of winning.

Another gameplay option available to Keno players is to choose to play in-person live Keno or video Keno. This means players have the option of fast or slow game speed. Video Keno can play around 16-19 rounds per minute while live Keno can typically play one round every 5-10 minutes.

How to Play

In Keno, all things that a player has to do are to pick a set of numbers between 1 and 80, from which, 20 numbers are drawn randomly. You will win if the numbers drawn match the numbers you picked. The amount of the numbers you chose and how many of them you got right decides the amount of your payout.