The Best Mobile Keno Games Developers in the World

Most leading software providers have invested in producing mobile versions of their products, and you will often find that keno is included in their selection. The simplicity of the game is bound to this type of play, as the rounds are fast, and the results are fast. You can simply use the touchscreen on your phone or tablet to select your numbers, and watch as the winner is displayed on the screen. It’s a great way to complete a few moments of relaxation.

Keno - The Best Mobile Keno Games Developers in the World

Microgaming – By design, Microgaming is kept in a traditional sense. The numbers come out of the tube in this version, and the winners are highlighted in the grid.

Playtech – This developer offers a standard version of keno. Once you have placed your bet and selected your numbers, the winners scroll over the board. Payments are on the left and the results are on the right, so it’s easy to see how you’re doing during play.

Mahi Gaming – This young developer has partnered with Microgaming to produce Monkey Keno. In this clever version, the monkey throws a coconut grid, and when it arrives at your chosen locations, you’ll win.

Pragmatic Play – In this case, you can play 5, 10, 15, or 20 rounds. Numbers appear at the bottom of the screen when selected. Rounds and beats are shown on the right and the charges are on the left. All the numbers drawn are marked with a cross, and the hits are indicated with silver.

1 × 2 Gaming -Special mention should go to 1 × 2 Gaming, as this developer has a lot of unusual keno variations in its catalog. In Tutan, scarab beetles swarm on the screen to cover numbers, in Pop, colored balls floating and exploding over them, and in Kenolab, the tone is very scientific. The balls come through a test pipe, and a liquid drill on the right side shows the charges. Perhaps the quirkiest species of thaese is Keno Kickoff. This is played with only 40 numbers, marked on the football field. The maximum optional number is ten. During the draw, the players run to the touch line with the winning numbers on their shirts, and the soccer players descend on the field.