Playing Online Keno: Tips, Tricks, And Strategy

While Keno is purely a game of luck, there are still a few tips, tricks, and strategy that you can follow to increase the chances of winning at online Keno.

Tips and tricks for playing online Keno

  • Avoid selecting ten numbers right away. Instead, choose five or six numbers for beginning. That will help you pay less per round and have a greater chance to hit all the numbers.
  • Ensure to see if the casinos offer additional bonuses when you open an account. A lot of online casinos have a variety of welcome bonuses and sign-up offers for new commers which can be used to jump-start your Keno sessions and play with the bonus money before starting playing with your own.
  • Not to get carried away and invest too much money without getting anything in return. Ensure to plan your budget accordingly and don’t go hard on your bankroll. Keno is a game based on chance, and if you are not lucky the day you play the game, you should try another time.
  • Be careful when playing Keno for real money. Different casinos have different rules, particularly regarding payments. So before opening an account, you had better research the casino of your choice and read more about the payment methods available on that platform.
Keno - Playing Online Keno: Tips, Tricks, And Strategy

Strategy for playing online Keno

  • Don’t choose a lot of numbers. The more numbers you choose, the more likely you are to win as well as the more you have to wager. There is a thin line here, so it is recommended that you choose between 4 and 5 spots at a time.
  • Online Casino Welcome Bonus. Make sure you sign up at an online casino that offers a fantastic sign-up bonus so you can use the free money to play games and see if you can win without having to spend your own money.
  • Manage your Bankroll. Avoid getting carried away and spending all your money in the first rounds of keno. That can make you exhaust your bankroll and quickly get into trouble.