About the Magazine

GeyserCon is a digital magazine that revolves around casino games, with particular attention to keno and everything related to it. You can find guides, advice, and interesting facts about the games in all our articles.

I am Kiera Bruce and GeyserCon is my baby project. I started it back in 2012 when it became clear to me that I needed a space to tell everybody about all the tricks and hacks I know. Keno has been my favourite casino game ever since my grandpa taught me how to play.

I did want to talk about other games in my magazine and thus decided to reach out to some of my friends that love poker, baccarat and even slots, to help me create quality content. Combining all of our specialties, the strategies and general information we have, we have all managed to create a wholesome magazine that appeals to all gamblers.

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The idea is still to have keno as the main game featured in the magazine, but to be able to talk about other games sometimes enriches the options we have to offer our readers. Slowly but surely, we have compiled a substantial amount of valuable resources for casino lovers, nurtured by the feedback and the encouragement we constantly receive.

We want to expand into doing different online casino reviews and working with game developers to even have our little gambling corner. Although we know that such projects will take a lot of time and effort, we keep those in sight and are educating ourselves to make it happen. Thank you for reading a bit of our story and for choosing us as your magazine to turn to when you need gambling advice and information.